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Rachel Graves

Rachel Graves

Asset Engineer - Engineering

From a young age, a career in engineering appealed to me. I always wanted to have a job that was interesting, challenging and exciting at the same time; that would teach me to understand any problems fully, be able to explain them to others and influence outcomes. And I knew as an area that not many women go into, this was something that would really enthuse me.

I started my career journey as a Maintenance Engineering Apprentice coming to Heathrow in 2011 as a Baggage Service Manager. I was thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to see and influence what goes on behind the scenes of Britain’s busiest airport! Working at Heathrow provides daily challenges and it’s great to know that I work with other dedicated individuals who are also driven to provide an outstanding service to our passengers.

Since coming to Heathrow I have managed a team of Maintenance Technicians and now work as an Asset Engineer responsible for the Asset Strategies & Standards of our Mechanical Systems. I take pride in knowing I am setting the route for the purchases we will make in the future.

I also work closely with a number of colleagues to provide coaching in interview techniques and am an Ambassador for ‘Altitude – High flying Women at Heathrow’.

I feel my role as a professional in Engineering is to inspire and encourage others to take the step into this wonderful and fulfilling career… will you join me?

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