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Yasmin Augustin

Yasmin Augustin


My work has varied from placement to placement. I started off doing project work in security looking for and implementing improvements in how we capture passenger feedback and how we can use this data to improve passenger experience. My second placement allowed me lead on capturing data from a colleague perspective of how colleagues got to and from work in an interactive fun way which allowed colleagues to engage in healthy positive competition promoting MOJO one of Heathrow’s priorities and allowing colleagues to take steps towards making conscious decisions to get to and from work in a sustainable way.

I enjoy working at Heathrow as you are empowered to speak up and make a difference with the support of the colleagues around you. Heathrow Expansion also excites me, I have the opportunity to get involved in a project which may not happen again and it’s an environment where I can learn and grow.

Behaviours are developed on a daily basis at Heathrow. A lot of learning comes through the knowledge and experience of the colleagues around me. A behaviour which I have really developed is willingness to receive and give feedback and at the same time develop the confidence to at times have difficult open honest conversations whether it be with colleagues or suppliers. Heathrow is so varied hence being able to adapt and move projects is essential and this has allowed me to get involved with a number of projects at Heathrow.

Being on a structured learning programme has been great for me. It has allowed me not to stay stagnant but to continuously push myself to the limit and learn something new. Also the beauty of a rotational scheme is that I could explore different parts of the business and find out what enjoy doing and further develop those skills and competencies. I have attended a number of different courses such as building an effective team and coaching to lead which provide me with the theatrical knowledge which I then take an embed into my day to day working.

My highlight on the scheme is the opportunity to network with people from all over the business – both internal and external to Heathrow. This has allowed me to not only get great support from those around me but gain different perspectives which I will carry and have throughout my career.

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