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Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca Stephens

Future Leaders Programme

Travel has always excited me. Every time I visited an airport, I would get a real buzz. During my final year at university, I realised I wanted to help others to feel that buzz and join the team responsible for helping make millions of journeys and adventures happen.

The programme gives you excellent exposure to the business. In 18 months, I had the opportunity to contribute to the work that goes into every step of the passenger experience. During my first placement I was part of a project to re-launch our reservist teams, allowing colleagues from our support services to support the operation in the event of disruption. Then I moved into our Commercial department, joining the Premium Services team who implement services for passengers travelling in first and business class.

I’m now in a permanent role as a Terminal Security Manager. It means taking responsibility for the safety and security of the millions of passengers who pass through Heathrow’s newest terminal every year. I look for ways to drive our operation forward, working on exciting projects to help Terminal 2 continue to deliver an award-winning service, but at a moment’s notice I’m also ready to lead our response to any incidents in our operation.

Every day I take responsibility for the performance and welfare of hundreds of Security Officers. It’s a demanding but rewarding role; something which my journey on the Future Leaders Programme definitely helped to prepare me for.

My advice to graduates would be to put yourself forward as much as possible.Heathrow is a huge company with more activities and departments than you could imagine, it pays to get involved in everything you can.

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