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Jaskiran Kaur Lall

Jaskiran Kaur Lall

Future Leaders Programme

There were many things that attracted me to Heathrow. One was the rotational graduate scheme, which meant I would be able to gain insight into different areas of the business. Another was the buzzing atmosphere you get from having so many different companies working here. The fact that I am a local resident played a big part in my decision too.

Although I have only been here a few months, I have already learned a lot. The programme kicks off with a residential induction course. The induction included a coaching element, which I feel has given me a really good grounding for my initial placement. I am also being trained in how to use Salesforce, which is a Customer and Stakeholder Relationship Management system.

The amount of support on offer is very reassuring. I have been allocated a mentor and a sponsor, as well as a former graduate who will act as my buddy throughout the programme. Everyone on the graduate scheme has been made to feel comfortable and welcome around the business.

My current role is Project Manager on the Heathrow Expansion programme. I am based within the Consents team, where we are currently busy working to understand and support the Development Consent Order (DCO) process. Our application is one of the biggest of its kind this century, which gives you some sense of what a large and exciting infrastructure project Heathrow’s expansion is set to be. I am thrilled to be working right at the heart of it, being involved in meetings with the Executive Director for Expansion and her leadership team.

There is always something new to learn here. That’s one of the things I like best about Heathrow. I am someone who is driven by opportunity and stretch, so it’s essential for me to be working where I am challenged and trusted to take on projects.

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