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Our story

On a normal day, our Team Heathrow Baggage colleagues handle 6.5 tonnes in baggage, and are ready to process up to an astonishing 1​​1,500 bags per hour, across conveyor belts longer than the length of ​40 runways. Over 2.8 million bags travel through our airport during the Christmas period. Our baggage system is a big and intricate structure that ensures all bags arrive safely to destination, on time. It takes skills and intelligence, as well as a good measure of creative thinking, to make sure that all our passengers travel happily, on time, with their bags.

What we are looking for

We have achieved a 99% baggage loading rate, and we need great people to maintain this phenomenal quality of service. We look for people with a mix of data analysis skills, real passion for innovation and the ability to work collaboratively with our partners to ensure a great passenger service. You don’t always need to have had experience in airports or in a baggage system to be part of our team.

Career opportunities

Our baggage team is just like our baggage system. You can find us everywhere in the airport, we’re futuristic, ever-expanding and make a real difference to the passenger experience. We provide training and development opportunities, so you don’t have to be a baggage expert to join us.

Our baggage team include:

Baggage design
Operational resilience
Business intelligence
Project management
Baggage compliance and transformation
Asset management
Service transformation

Fun facts

Explore Heathrow, a city within a city.

Around 53 million pieces of luggage are processed every year in Terminal 5, thanks to 30 miles of baggage conveyors and 2.8 miles of tunnels. 

The Heathrow Baggage team is able to process over 400 bags per hour.