As a young boy growing up in and around West London I would often look up to the skies and see the aircraft on the flight path to and from Heathrow, but I never imagined I would end up working here.

I started my journey to Heathrow by leaving London to complete my studies, but returned soon after to begin my career in IT, always with an eye on delivering the best outcomes to my customers. It gives me such a buzz knowing that the IT solutions I provide make a real difference to the people who use them.

So it’s great to be here at Heathrow in a company that puts the passenger at the heart of everything we do and seeing first-hand the impact that IT solutions have on the airport experience. You only need to go to the terminals to see there’s IT at work everywhere, behind the flight information screens, the check-in desks, the boarding pass scanners and pretty much everything that touches the passenger on the way to their final destination.

My team delivers those IT solutions and I’m really proud of them. They’re a dedicated, supportive and fun group of individuals and like many of the people across the airport; they’ve made me feel truly welcome here.