I joined Heathrow in 2003 as a Chartered Civil Engineer. The role appealed to me because I wanted to apply my experience in construction to a more customer facing environment. Heathrow offered me the opportunity to use my skills in rigorous project delivery, for something that I could see the tangible benefits of.

I spent five years on Terminal 5 taking on progressively larger roles in project management across the airport. It really shaped my career and I thrived working in a collaborative environment to get people working together as high performing teams. The projects were complex and multi-disciplinary, with numerous interfaces. It made my role extremely challenging, but also very rewarding. Since then I have had the opportunity to add breadth to my experience, developing solutions in infrastructure, security and energy. I have led change programmes influencing the way we work at Heathrow and providing me with valuable experience, adapting my style to lead in an ever-evolving, dynamic environment.

Now, as Delivery Director for both the airfield and landside areas, I have the exciting opportunity to combine all my experience to lead the delivery of airport-wide projects. Safety is our top priority and every day I utilise my expertise and knowledge of all areas to ensure it is top of mind in all that we do. I'm working with a huge range of experts across Heathrow and the industry, some new, many I have known for years, and it is this that makes Heathrow such a great place to work.